Olive and Gourmet's Olive Oils Wins 14 Awards at the 2014 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

Another excellent year for the top Spanish Olive Oils at the Los Angeles Competition.Olive and Gourmet is very proud to make available to the US market the freshest, 2013-2014 harvest, of these awarded Olive Oils. The awards are:

  • Masia El Altet, North Mono Cultivar, Changlot Real, Special Selection, Valenciana, Robust. Best of Class

  • Melgarejo, South Mono Cultivar, Picual, Premium, Jaen, Robust. Best of Class

  • Cladivm. SILVER MEDAL Robust, Hojiblanca, Priego De Cordoba DO

  • Cortijo De Suerte Alta. SILVER MEDAL Medium, Picual en Envero, Baena DOP

  • Full Moon. SILVER MEDAL Delicate, Arbequina, Extremadura

  • Masia El Altet. GOLD MEDAL Medium, High Quality, Valenciana

  • Masia El Altet. GOLD MEDAL Medium, Premium, Valenciana

  • Masia El Altet. SILVER MEDAL Medium, Picual, High End, Valenciana

  • Melgarejo. GOLD MEDAL Robust, Premium Composicion, Jaen

  • Melgarejo. BRONZE MEDAL Robust, Frantoio, Premium, Jaen

  • Oro Bailen. GOLD MEDAL Robust, Picual, Reserva Familiar, Jaen

  • Parque Oliva. SILVER MEDAL Medium, Picuda, Serie Oro, Priego De Cordoba DO

    Rincon De La Subbetica. BRONZE MEDAL Robust, Hojiblanca, Priego De Cordoba DO

  • Venta Del Baron. GOLD MEDAL Robust, Priego De Cordoba DO

Awards of Olive and Gourmet's Olive Oils at the 2014 New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC)

  • Masia El Altet "Premium". Best in Class. Medium. Blend

  • Melgarejo Frantoio Premium. Best of Class. Robust. Frantoio

  • Oro Del Desierto Coupage Organic. Best in Class. Robust. Blend

  • Cladivm. Gold Award. Medium. Hojiblanca

  • Cortijo de Suerte Alta, Coupage Natural. Gold Award. Medium Blend

  • Masia El Altet "High End" Gold Award. Robust. Picual

  • Masia El Altet "High Quality" Gold Award. Robust. Blend

  • Masia El Altet "Special Selection" Gold Award. Medium, Robust. Changlot Real

  • Melgarejo Composicion Premium. Gold Award. Medium Blend

  • Melgarejo Picual Premium. Gold Award. Medium . Picual

  • Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar Picual. Gold Award. Robust. Picual.

  • Parque Oliva Serie Oro. Gold Award . Robust. Picuda.

    Rincon De La Subbetica. Gold Award Robust, Hojiblanca.

  • Venta Del Baron. Gold Award Robust. Blend

The Best Olive Oils Win International awards

Olive and Gourmet is the largest online store in the US dedicated exclusively to Award Winning Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oils. We offer the most recent 2013-2014 harvest- as we want to guarantee our customers the freshness that embodies the Superior Taste and Aroma of our Extra virgin Olive Oils.

We are a family a family living on both sides of the Atlantic. Jay and Cecilia live in Andalusia, Spain, where about 40% of the olive oil in the world is produced, and they spend their time with the producers selecting only the best olive oils available in Spain. Jorge and Betzy live in Florida where they manage Olive and Gourmet's online store.

Every year the best Olive Oil producers take their products to International Competitions. The best of the best win the "Awards" the world over- they portray the pinnacle of what the world has to offer, and they represent only a tiny portion of the total production. Just like superlative wines, these olive oils, each with its own characteristics, impregnate your sensorial memory with symphonies of unique aromas and tastes that once you have tried them you will never forget.

Each of these Award Winning Olive Oils is different, unique in its personality and each worth trying. Still, these oils have in common many important characteristics:

The Geographical location of the Olive Groves is optimal for olive trees growth: soil, rain, temperature, altitude and the environment all work in favor of the trees. Not surprisingly these groves have many old trees- some thousands of years old.

Fruits are harvested "Pre-Envero," which is the stage of maturity when the olive juice has the best aroma and taste. This usually happens at the beginning of the harvest, usually mid October, when approximately fifty percent of the olives are yellowish green and fifty percent bluish red with only a few black olives.

Olives are processed at a low temperature also called cold pressed olive oil and each producer takes great care to preserve along the production process the unique characteristics of their oils.

Olive and Gourmet makes available to the North American market a selection of these extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

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