Masia el Altet's Olive Oils are a Product of its Special Environment

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Masia el Altet takes exquisite care of all stages of production

Masia el Altet produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil from fruits exclusively grown in its Estate. One half of the property is located in Sierra Mariola Natural Park and the other half in the northern slope of Font Roja Natural Park- this is in the middle of the Alicante Mountains of Spain. The olive grove is at an altitude of 780-830 mts. above sea level and benefits from an uncommon Mediterranean microclimate with a Continental influence that give brief Spring and Autumn seasons, temperate Summers and very cold Winters. The latter makes it difficult for olive trees to grow but has proved to be a positive factor in the quality of the oil

The influence that Sierra Mariola has on the olive grove is very important- Sierra Mariola has been cataloged as one of the sierras with the largest variety of aromatic and medicinal plants in the world. Empirically, this has proven to have an important effect in the complexity of the aroma and taste of Masia el Altet's olive oils

 The olive grove has approximately 14,000 trees planted in a seven by seven meter configuration. To keep trees and fruits in the best possible conditions, tree leaves are analyzed periodically and any nutrient deficiencies are immediately corrected. Masia el Altet fertilizes the grove by means of a drip system together with foliar application. The harvest occurs at the "pre-envero" stage of maturity, that is: when about 50% of the fruit goes from yellowish green to bluish red color with a few black fruits- the exact moment when the olive´s juice has the best qualities.

The harvest is done in a short period of time using gentle trunk vibrating machines outfitted with an upside-down umbrella to collect the olives without damaging their skin. The olives are immediately transported to the mill and processed at once. The extraction is done through a centrifuge in a two-phase system at a 24-25º C temperature- this is a very low temperature for the industry. Masia el Altet's extraction process is unusually complex with low yields- it is designed only to maximize quality. Finally, the oil is stored in temperature controlled steel tanks in an inert environment to prevent any oxidation.


Most recent Awards:

Terraolivo.Israel. International Extra virgin Olive Oil Compettion. Gran Prestige Gold 2012

The Great Taste Award, United Kingdom: 1 Gold Star, 2010

Leone D'Oro Award, Italy: Gran Menzioni, 2010

Montoro Competition, Spain: 1st prize on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil category, 2010

VEREMA,Spain: 1st prize to the best Olive Oil, 2010

SIAL, Canada: Olive D'or 1st prize, 2010

Ministry of Agriculture of Spain: 2nd prize, 2010

ARMONIA, Pesaro-Italy: 1st prize and Gold Medal, 2010

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition: Best of Class Robust, 2010

L'Orciolo D'Oro, Gradara-Italy: 1st prize and Gold Medal

Sol D'Oro , Verona-Italy: Gran Menzione, 2010

Olio Capitale, Trieste-Italy: Gran Menzione, 2010

Oil China, Shanghai: Bronze Medal, 2010

Sial China: Grand Mention, 2010

Der Feinsmeker, Germany: Mention of Honor

International Quality Awards, Belgium: 3 stars for Masia el Altet "Premium", 2010

International Quality Awards, Belgium: 2 stars for Masia el Altet "High Quality", 2010

Consejo Oleico Internacional CIU: Bronze Medal, 2010